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Applied Mechanics and Materials, Volume 313-314, Jinan, Shandong, p.876-881 (2013)





Cascaded multi-level inverters, Diode clamped inverter, Diode-clamped multilevel inverters, Electric inverters, Electricity, High voltage applications, Machinery, Multi Level Inverter (MLI), Multilevel inverter, Multiple-Carrier PWM, Non-conventional energy sources, Photovoltaic cells


Nonconventional energy sources are playing important role in meeting current power/energy demands. However these sources cannot provide High voltage/power. For power conditioning and voltage amplification solid state power converters are very much essential. One such approach to obtain high voltage was to use cascaded multilevel inverter but cascaded multilevel inverters require separate DC sources and they cannot be used for regenerative applications. To overcome these limitations, a novel configuration is using diode clamped multilevel inverter is proposed here. The conditioned DC voltage from photovoltaic cells or fuel cells or batteries is boosted and inverted by means of multistage Multilevel Inverters (MLI). Three different configurations are presented in this paper. From the simulation results of all three configurations, the topology which is found to be better is implemented in the real time. A proto type is developed to boost 40 V input DC to 100 V AC and the experimental results for the same are presented. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.


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Dr. Rashmi M. R. and Anu, B., “Cascading of diode clamped multilevel inverter boosters for high voltage applications”, Applied Mechanics and Materials, vol. 313-314, pp. 876-881, 2013.