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Journal Article


International Journal of Control Theory and Applications, Volume 9, Number 16, p.7743-7748 (2016)



A case study was carried out to measure the Diurnal Temperature Changes in Coimbatore caused by anthropogenic activities which are victims of climatic changes. Temperature information is analyzed which serves as a tool for verification while using remote sensing methods. As a cause of pollution in metropolitan cities, increasing temperature in different time periods are observed. Thermal changes are recorded, also owing to the daily fluctuations in Carbon monoxide emission which affects the atmosphere. A study on the environment of Coimbatore reveals that the temperature is comparatively cooler with respect to the past days and this paper reveals the impact of temperature in the environment. Factors such as variations within the region composition plays a vital role in temperature changes. This paper focus on how surface temperature affects the daily temperature cycle in Coimbatore. This paper concludes that surface temperature rises whereas daily temperature fluctuation causes in decreases temperature.

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M. Vijay, Dr. Geetha Srikanth, and Kp, S., “Case study of diurnal temperature changes caused by anthropogenic activity using meteorological data in Coimbatore District”, International Journal of Control Theory and Applications, vol. 9, pp. 7743-7748, 2016.