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International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering, Volume 4, Number 2 (2014)


Fifth Generation, First Generation, Fourth Generation, Second generation, Third Generation, Zero Generation


— Communication between people while moving has been evolved from the ancient time. We can see the evidence from the time of Marconi (1897). New wireless communication methods and services have been adopted by people throughout the world. During the last two decades, the growth in wireless communication has been remarkable. The digital switching techniques, large scale integration and other miniaturization technologies like 3G,4G/5G etc. have been the major contributory factors in this regard.3G has been launched in India in line with other countries of the world. Presently,in India,the number of mobile users are over 950 m which is expected to be about 1b in 2015.Emerging technologies such as 4G and 5G has attracted the attention of industry and media. The 4G and 5G wireless networks remain highly relevant in the area of communication. Currently they are supporting over 80 % of all networking activities. Recent surveys says that the use of 4G and 5G technologies will expand dramatically during the next three to five years as the world’s two largest markets, India and China has open their doors wide to these latest technologies. With the advent of Internet, Whatever the new technology is, whether it is a television, cellular phone, or refrigerator, we need a better, faster, efficient and accurate access to information. To fulfill such a powerful requirement, we need efficient pervasive, high-speed wireless connectivity. A number of technologies like Wi-Fi, WI-Max, Bluetooth, 802.11 etc. are currently existing to provide the users with high speed wireless connections. They provide the users with both short-range and long-range communication. The implementation of 4G /5G will be the ultimate goal in the field of communication.

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N. Radhika, SindhuRaj, K., and Thejita, V., “Case study on Evolution of Wireless Techologies”, International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering, vol. 4, 2014.