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Conference Paper


2018 USNC-URSI Radio Science Meeting (Joint with AP-S Symposium) (2018)



ASTM 4935 two antenna standard, blister machining process, Cement, cement based composites, cement mortar, Cement-Blister composite, cements (building materials), Composites, degradation, Electromagnetic interference, Electromagnetic scattering, Electromagnetic shielding, electromagnetic shielding property, Electromagnetics, EMI shielding, Filled polymers, LDPE component, LDPE-Aluminum composite, medicinal package waste, Metals, Microwave absorber, Mortar, Ordinary Portland cement, packaging, Pharmaceutical industry, Recycling, Shielding Effectiveness, Standards, Waste disposal


<p>A novel technique to enhance the electromagnetic shielding property of cement mortar is presented. Blister refers to LDPE-Aluminum composite prevalently employed as high grade package material in food and pharmaceutical industry, whose disposal has significant negative environmental impact. Blister pack particles employed as package materials for tablets and capsules in pharmaceutical industry is proposed as the conductive filler. Cement mortar formed with Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), sand and water forms the base. Blister composition attempted was 6.5% with a particle aspect ratio less than 1mm, Shielding Effectiveness measurements as per ASTM 4935 two antenna standard, in J band is determined. Enhanced shielding effectiveness around 6dB is observed. No degradation in mechanical strength unlike the conventional mortar. The proposed filler provides dual purpose: the aluminum provides the EMI shielding, and the LDPE component provides mechanical strength. Further research on determining composition levels for achieving specified SE level, automating blister machining process and expanding the frequency range of analysis is underway. This paper aims to propose a Cement-Blister composite at a low cost, field deployable EMI mitigation scheme at structural level.</p>

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V. K. Suravarjhula, Manam, S. T., Venkatesan, J., Alluri, S., and Sabarish Narayanan B., “Cement Based Composite Loaded with Medicinal Package Waste for Low Profile Electromagnetic Shielding”, in 2018 USNC-URSI Radio Science Meeting (Joint with AP-S Symposium), 2018.