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Journal Article


Atmósfera, Volume 23, p.75-82 (2010)



Indian monsoon., Kerala, rainfall patterns, trend analysis


Analysis of the general rainfall trend is vital in understanding the underlying features, for the purpose of forecasting and in identifying the changes and impacts that are very crucial for an agro-based economy like the one of India. Situated on the western side of the Palakkad Gap, the Palakkad plains connect the state of Kerala in India to the plains of Tamil Nadu and Deccan. The geographical location results in an environmental realm in the Palakkad plains that is different from the rest of Kerala. The present study examines the general trend of rainfall in the Palakkad plains using monthly rainfall data, almost spanning a century, collected from four rain gauge stations available in the area. The annual rainfall pattern of all the stations showed a trend of significant decline, as the years proceed. Changes in the rainfall may have implications on local ecology as well as in agricultural productivity. The decrement in rainfall may reflect the actual regional level climate changes compounded by various anthropogenic factors.

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P. P. Nikhil Raj and Azeez, P. A., “Changing Rainfall in the Palakkad plains of South India”, Atmósfera, vol. 23, pp. 75-82, 2010.