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Journal Article


Materials Research Express, IOP Publishing, Volume 6, Issue 11, p.1165d1 (2019)



AZ31Magnesium alloy reinforced with different vol% of ZrO2 particle composites have been produced by stir casting process. The effect of ZrO2 vol% on microstructure and mechanical properties of AZ31 alloy has been studied. Significant refinement in grain size was observed in ZrO2 reinforced composites. The hardness, Proof strength and tensile strength of the AZ31/ZrO2 composites increased with increase in addition of ZrO2 particle. However the ductility of the composite sample decreased with the addition of ZrO2 particles. The tensile fractured surface was analyzed using SEM to find the fracture mechanisms.

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T. Satish Kumar, Shalini, S., Dr. M. Ramu, and Dr. Govindaraj M., “Characterisation of AZ31/ZrO2 composites produced via stir casting”, Materials Research Express, vol. 6, no. 11, p. 1165d1, 2019.