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Curr Drug Discov Technol (2018)


Dihydropyrimidinones are extremely advantageous small sized molecules owning adaptable pharmaceutical properties. With a molecular formula C4H6N2O, they hold a wide range of biological activities. It is a heterocyclic moiety having two N-atoms at positions 1 and 3. They are derivatives of pyrimidine containing an additional ketone group. They have inspired development of a wide range of synthetic methods for preparation and chemical transformations. Taking into consideration their structural similarity and involvement with DNA and RNA, they have become very imperative in the world of synthetic organic chemistry. Aryl substituted moieties and their derivatives are significant class of substances in medicinal and organic chemistry. Many alkaloids from natural marine sources comprising dihydropyrimidinones core have been isolated which possess fascinating biological properties. Intensive explorations have been carried out on these compounds because they possess close similitude to clinically used nifedipine, nicardipine etc. which are also Biginelli product analogues. Due to the interesting pharmacological properties associated with the privileged DHPM structures, the Biginelli reaction and related procedures have received increasing attention in recent years.

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N. George, M Asokan, A., Ajish, A., Surya, S., Vishnu, V., Pai, R. G., and Dr. Subin Mary Zachariah, “Chemistry And Pharmacological Activities Of Biginelli Product- A Brief Overview.”, Curr Drug Discov Technol, 2018.