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International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research, Volume 41, Issue 2, p. 125-131 (2016)



<p>The objective of the present study is on the formulation of sulfasalazine loaded magnetic microsphere coated with eudragit L-100 in the treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and also to evaluate the total amount of magnetite present in microsphere. Sulfasalazine loaded magnetic microsphere was prepared using simple cross linking method. The formulated magnetic microsphere was further evaluated for physiochemical property and was found to be within acceptable level. The magnetite solution was prepared using suitable method sulfasalazine microsphere was loaded with magnetite.. FTIR and DSC were evaluated for drugexcipient interaction, the morphological study was done with Scanning Electron Microscopy and the particles were found to be round, rough and discreet. Micrometric property revealed that all particles have better flow property. In-vitro study was carried out and it was found that the maximum drug release was found for formulation F4 which was 96.45±2.25% in 24hrs. Cell line study concluded that the optimized F4 formulation showed down regulation of COX -2as compared to control and marketed formulation. Stability study proved that F4 formulation was found to be stable for different temperature condition. The optimized formulation F4 showed diffusion controlled sustained drug release mechanism and therefore can have benefits such as reduction in total dose and frequency of administration. In future, magnetic studies and in-vivo studies are essential to prove the site specific delivery and magnetic targeting effect of microsphere.</p>

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T. Sasidharan, .P, S., Dr. Sabitha M., and Sreeja C. Nair, “Chitosan-eudragit Magnetic Microspheres of Sulfasalazine for Colon Drug Delivery”, International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research, vol. 41, no. 2, pp. 125-131, 2016.