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Child's Nervous System, Volume 24, Number 7, p.875-877 (2008)



article, brain aqueduct stenosis, brain biopsy, brain cyst, brain third ventricle, brain ventricle dilatation, case report, child, choroid plexus, computer assisted tomography, Cysts, differential diagnosis, Dilatation, endoscopy, female, human, human tissue, Humans, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, Pathologic, Preschool, preschool child, priority journal, Third Ventricle, Tomography, unconsciousness, X-Ray Computed


Introduction: Cystic lesions in and around the third ventricle have been known to cause intermittent and acute obstruction of the foramen of Monroe with rapid onset symptoms. Most of these lesions are seen on routine investigations, whereas some are not so obvious resulting in mistaken diagnosis. Symptomatic choroids plexus cysts have only been infrequently reported, predominantly in the lateral ventricle. Case report: A 3-year-old female child presented with rapid loss of consciousness for the first time. Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging scans only showed triventriculomegaly. Endoscopy revealed a cyst of the third ventricle, which was excised, leading to good recovery. Biopsy of the wall revealed a choroid plexus cyst. Conclusion: Choroid plexus cysts are rare causes for symptomatic obstruction of the third ventricle and may be difficult to detect on routine investigations and may lead to the wrong choice of treatment. Endoscopic fenestration or excision is a good option to manage such lesions. © Springer-Verlag 2008.


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R. Kariyattil and Panikar, D., “Choroid plexus cyst of the third ventricle presenting as acute triventriculomegaly”, Child's Nervous System, vol. 24, pp. 875-877, 2008.