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Journal Article


IFAC Proceedings Volumes, Volume 45, Number 12, p.81 - 86 (2012)



border-collision bifurcation, Chaos, Piecewise smooth maps, quasiperiodicity, resonance tongues, torus breakdown


We explore the dynamics of a piecewise linear normal form map under the condition that the map is contractive in one compartment and expansive in the other. In particular, we analyze the transition from a mode-locked periodic orbit to a chaotic orbit. It occurs through the following sequence: first homoclinic contact followed by homoclinic intersection, which is again followed by a second homoclinic contact. We have shown that after the second homoclinic contact, a circular-shaped strange attractor with an infinite number of non-smooth folds is created. The mechanism of this chaotic behavior is explained in terms of tangencies with the stable foliation of the saddle fixed point.

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Dr. Biswambhar Rakshit, Banerjee, S., and Aihara, K., “Circle Like Strange Attractor in a Piecewise Smooth Map”, IFAC Proceedings Volumes, vol. 45, pp. 81 - 86, 2012.