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Journal Article


International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE), Volume 8, Issue -1S4 (2019)



classification, Segmentation., Solid, Striped


In online shopping the fabric is the one of the most demanded items. People tend to choose the item based on the categorization. As evident growth in day to day online market, the manual way of categorizing the object is a difficult task. Hence our idea is to classify the T-shirt based on the visual pattern present in it. People uses their visual cues to identifying the pattern in the t-shirt into categories like Striped, solid e.t.c. we have developed a methodology to extract the visual pattern for each categories and further used for automatic labeling .This study gives idea of classification of T-shirts based on pattern on it. For classification we use tree classification. We mainly classify into two types of T-shirts mainly Solid and Striped. For feature extraction of the solid and striped were done by combination of segmentation and statistical analysis on segments.

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D. Kumar Boddu, Buchipalli, S. Varun, and Aarthi, R., “Classification of T-shirts based on pattern”, International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE), vol. 8, no. -1S4, 2019.