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Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology, Volume 16, Number 3, p.442-445 (2012)



<p>A case describing perio-restorative management of an accidental trauma in the mid portion of root on an upper left canine tooth following an ostectomy surgery is presented here. The traumatized root area was undergoing fast resorption and a chronic periodontal abscess had developed in relation to the lesion. The article illustrates the clinical and radiographic photo series of a periodontal flap surgery done to gain access into a subgingival region for the placement of Glass ionomer restoration on the root and its periodic follow up. The clinical condition of the area suggests 8 mm clinical attachment gain over the restoration and the review radiographs at definite intervals up to 18 months revealed evidence of consistent bone regeneration around the restoration. The article also highlights the various other possibilities, where this restorative material can be effectively used in conjunction with periodontal surgical procedures.</p>


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K. Ra Biniraj, Sagir, Mb, Sunil, M. Mc, and Janardhanan, M., “Clinical attachment level gain and bone regeneration around a glass ionomer restoration on root surface wall of periodontal pocket”, Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology, vol. 16, pp. 442-445, 2012.