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Journal Article


Chacko James


International Journal of Research in Alternative Medicines, Volume 1, Issue 1 (2014)



Pandu roga (Anaemia) is one of the commonest and most prevalent diseases known to humans. It is a multifactorial disease involving multiple facet, different srotus, dhatus and ojas, hence require a multi-dimensional treatment modality in the form of Shodhana and Shamana. The cardinal feature of Pandu is Pandutha, which causes for the impairment of the colour and the complexion of the person. Though the pandu correlated with Iron Deficiency Anaemia, it is not merely deficiency of a mineral but various factors are involved in the absorption, conversion, utilisatiion where liver plays a major role. Therefore classical sneha panoktha
virechana has been evaluated as its treatment modality along with Nisha Loha, which is a drug having Loha bhasma as its major ingredient. 50 patients of pandu roga of different age and sex have been selected for the present study among which 25 patients were given Dadimadi ghrutha snehapana and Trivruth churna
virechana followed by Nisha Loha and 15 patients were given Nisha Loha without shodhana

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C. James, “Clinical evaluation of virechana and Nisha loha in the Management of Pandu roga w.s.r. To Iron deficiency Anaemia”, International Journal of Research in Alternative Medicines, vol. 1, no. 1, 2014.