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Journal Article


Organometallics, ACS Publications, Volume 25, Number 3, p.706–714 (2006)



Fourteen complexes of inorganic and alkyl cobaloximes with mixed dioximes of the type (R/X)Co(gH)(dpgH)Py have been synthesized and characterized by 1H and 13C NMR and UV. The spectral data are interrelated, and a good correlation is found between Δδ1H(Pyα) with δ1H(gH), δ13C(CNgH), and δ13C(CNdpgH) indicating the ring current throughout the Co(dioxime)2+ metallabicycle. All the spectroscopic data and CV show dependence on the field effect. The X-ray structure and crystal packing in ClCo(gH)(dpgH)Py, C2H5Co(gH)(dpgH)Py, and C8H17Co(gH)(dpgH)Py have been studied. ClCo(gH)(dpgH)Py shows a right-handed helix.

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B. D. Gupta, Dr. Yamuna R., and Mandal, D., “Cobaloximes with mixed dioximes of glyoxime and diphenylglyoxime: synthesis, characterization, CV, X-ray studies, and crystal packing”, Organometallics, vol. 25, pp. 706–714, 2006.