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International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Volume 7, Number 11 SUPPL., p.1497-1502 (2012)



The word coconut means the sitting sensation in the island paradise. In reality, a minimum of 5-6 billion coconut trees are harvested each year, with 12 million coconuts exported by Philippines and India, making them the largest exporters of coconut in the world. Also, coconut harvesting plays a very important role in the economy of many developing countries. Unfortunately despite its mass distribution and wide spread around the world, coconut harvesting is still done without proper safety measures which can lead to serious casualties. In this paper, we discuss various models for tree climbing and plucking. We have taken into account the safety, reliability, the ease of usewhich is capable of climbing trees, cutting down coconuts, cleaning the tree tops and spraying pesticides. This system is so designed that it can be controlled by anyone (irrespective of their educational qualifications) using it. © Research India Publications.


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Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Kattakayam, T. C., T. Menon, H., and Madhav, R. V., “CocoBot: A kinect based coconut tree climber”, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, vol. 7, pp. 1497-1502, 2012.