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Journal Article


IEEE Electronics Letters, Institution of Engineering and Technology, Volume 38, Number 21, p.1240-1241 (2002)



active antenna applications, compact antenna, dual polarisation antenna, E-plane radiation patterns, electromagnetically coupled microstrip-T junctions, H-plane radiation patterns, microstrip-T coupled patch antenna, single-layer microstrip patch antennas, X-band dual polarised antenna


A novel way of feeding single-layer microstrip patch antennas using electromagnetically coupled microstrip-T junctions is proposed. The measured isolation and 10 dB bandwidth of an X-band dual polarised antenna are ∼32 dB and 2.1%, respectively, on an εr 3.0 substrate. Since both ports of the antenna are electromagnetically coupled, the proposed antenna eliminates the need for capacitors in the RF path for active antenna applications.

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Dr. Dhanesh G. Kurup, A. Rydberg, and M. Himdi, “Compact microstrip-T coupled patch antenna for dual polarisation and active antenna applications”, IEEE Electronics Letters, vol. 38, pp. 1240-1241, 2002.