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AIP Conference Proceedings, American Institute of Physics Inc., Volume 1724 (2016)





The scaling of CMOS transistors has resulted in intensified short channel effects, indicating that CMOS has reached its physical limits. Alternate non silicon based materials namely carbon based graphene, carbon nanotubes are being explored for usability as channel and interconnect material due to their established higher mobility and robustness. This paper presents a drift-diffusion based circuit simulatable Verilog-A compact model of graphene field effect transistor (GFET) for channel length of 100nm.The focus is on the development of simulatable device model in Verilog A based on intrinsic parameters and obtain the current, high cutoff frequency and use the model into circuit level simulations to realize an inverter and a 3-stage ring oscillator using Synopsys HSPICE. The applications are so chosen that their switching characteristics enable the determination of the RF frequency ranges of operation that the model can achieve when used in digital applications and also to compare its performance with existing CMOS model. The GFET's switching characteristics and power consumption were found to be better than similarly sized CMOS operating at same range of voltages. The basic frequency of operation in the circuit is of significant importance so as to use the model in other applications at RF and in future for millimeter wave applications. The frequency of operation at circuit level is found to be 1.1GHz at 100nm which is far higher than the existing frequency of 245 MHz reported at 500nm using AlN. © 2016 Author(s).


cited By 0; Conference of 2nd International Conference on Emerging Technologies: Micro to Nano 2015, ETMN 2015 ; Conference Date: 24 October 2015 Through 25 October 2015; Conference Code:124265

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R. Sreenath and B. Sundari, B. Tripura, “Compact model for switching characteristics of graphene field effect transistor”, in AIP Conference Proceedings, 2016, vol. 1724.