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Journal Article


International Research Journal of Pharmacy, Volume 3, Issue 3, p.135-138 (2012)



Aragwadadi varti, Jatyadi varti, Nadi vrna, Pilonidal sinus


Nadi vrana (pilodnial sinus), a type of Dushta vrana, commonly seen in Sacro-coccygeal region, is a condition where in a blind tract os formed, with its opening in the skin or near the cleft at the top of buttocks and containing hair. Ayurveda advises the use of Varti(medicated wick) in the management of nadi vrana which is very safe,economical and effective, Hence, a comparitive clinical study was done using Jatyadi varti and Aragwadadi varti with 15 patients in each group and it was found that Jatyadi varti showed highly significant results.

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Dr. Rajeshwari P. N., Baslingappa, K., Shringi, M. K., Murthy, B. N., and Arawatti, S., “Comparative Clinical study of Jathyadi varti and Aragwadadi varti in the management of Nadi Vrana (Pilonidal sinus)”, International Research Journal of Pharmacy, vol. 3, no. 3, pp. 135-138, 2012.