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Conference Proceedings


International Conference on Challenges in Biotechnology and Food Technology, Annamalai University,Chidambaram (2009)


Many tropical fruits and vegetables are known to possess antioxidant properties. .Antioxidants help in lowering incidence of degenerative diseases especially associated with old age. These antioxidants suppress oxidative damages to lipids, proteins and nucleic acids. In this paper a comparative assessment of antioxidant properties of orange, guava, banana, mango, carrot and tomato have been compared from the studies conducted in India and other countries. From the data available it will be seen that tomato has the maximum content of total phenols and ascorbic acid, while in terms of antioxidant activity other fruits and vegetables are better than tomato. It shows that there is a necessity for detailed studies in all tropical fruits and vegetables. Several ayurvedic medicinal plants have nutraceutical and antioxidant properties which need detailed studies.

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Sindhu S. and Aravindakshan, M., “Comparative Evaluation of Antioxidant Properties of few Tropical Fruits and Vegetables”, International Conference on Challenges in Biotechnology and Food Technology. Annamalai University,Chidambaram, 2009.