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Journal Article


Indian journal of experimental biology, PUBLICATIONS & INFORMATION DIRECTORATE, CSIR, Volume 41, Number 3, p.242–247 (2003)



Both allitin and garlic have anti-lipogenic properties substantiated by the activity of three lipogenic enzymes and lipid profiles. The rise in the HDL levels and simultaneous fall in the LDL upon garlic intake is the most convincing indicator of reduced lipid concentration. However, the administration of allitin recorded a decrease in the HDL and LDL levels, but when calculated on a percentage basis, there was a marginal increase in the HDL level. On the basis of results, it can be concluded that garlic or its derivatives have hypolipidaemic effect in submammalian vertebrates also. The cholesterol lowering effect of allitin and garlic can be commercially exploited for producing fish with low cholesterol for possible human consumption.

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C. Johnson, Banerji, A., and Oommen, O. V., “A comparative study of allitin and garlic on lipid turnover in a teleost, Anabas testudineus (Bloch)”, Indian journal of experimental biology, vol. 41, pp. 242–247, 2003.