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Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems, Institute of Advanced Scientific Research, Inc., Volume 9, Number Special issue 11, p.72-79 (2017)



As time moves, the approaches and the algorithms in the emerging field of machine learning also changes. It’s always important to consider and get familiarized with the recent algorithms developed in this field and also to know where exactly these algorithms may be applied in a real time scenario. This paper focuses on three things namely what machine learning is and its impact on the field of big data, what are the major machine learning algorithms used in big data scenario and which of the machine learning algorithms will provide best accuracy with lesser error rate when applied over real time big datasets?.The major objective of this paper is to help the researchers understand and be updated about the recent advancements in the rapid growing area of Machine learning and Big data.


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Sini Raj P. and Divya, M., “Comparative Study of Machine Learning Algorithms Over Big Data Sets”, Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems, vol. 9, pp. 72-79, 2017.