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Conference Proceedings


ICMMSE 19, AIP Conference Proceedings, Hyderabad (2019)



This paper deals with evaluating the properties of biodiesel derived from Palm and Castor oil and study of performance and emission characteristics of a CI engine fueled with these biodiesel blends. The diesel is blended with palm and castor biodiesel and the blends are prepared on mass basis. Blend percentages are varied from 0 to 40%. Fuel properties like viscosity, flash point, density, fire point, calorific value are evaluated and tabulated. To compare the performance of the engine with different blends characteristics like brake specific fuel consumption, brake thermal efficiency and exhaust gas temperature are used. Emission parameters like smoke density, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, oxides of nitrogen and carbon monoxide for different blends are measured for different blends. All these parameters are compared with pure diesel as fuel. The thermal efficiency with 10 % blend is found most efficient among all blends. The 30% blend showed lesser exhaust temperatures than compared with diesel fuel. The overall emission level was found to be less for 40% blend.

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P. Tejesh and Kotebavi, V., “A comparative study on performance and emission characteristics of palm and castor dual biodiesel blends in CI engine”, ICMMSE 19, AIP Conference Proceedings. Hyderabad, 2019.