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Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry, Volume 24, Number 1, p.76-81 (2009)



adult, aged, antioxidant, article, blood sampling, cholesterol, cholesterol blood level, coconut oil, comparative study, controlled study, cooking, diabetic patient, enzyme, enzyme analysis, enzyme blood level, erythrocyte, glutathione, glutathione peroxidase, Helianthus, human, Indian, lipid, lipid analysis, lipoprotein, low density lipoprotein cholesterol, major clinical study, male, non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, oxidative stress, sunflower oil, superoxide dismutase, triacylglycerol, triacylglycerol blood level, very low density lipoprotein cholesterol


In this study, we compared the lipid profile and antioxidant enzymes of normal and diabetic subjects consuming two different types of oil as cooking medium. 70 normal, healthy subjects were taken as controls and 70 subjects with Type 2 diabetes were recruited in patient group. Each group was further subdivided into two subgroups of 35 subjects each, consuming coconut oil and sunflower oil respectively as cooking medium. Samples of blood were collected and analyzed for serum total cholesterol, triacylglycerols, and cholesterol in lipoprotein fractions. Total glutathione and glutathione peroxidase were measured in erythrocytes and superoxide dismutase in serum. Triacylglycerols, LDL and VLDL cholesterol levels were high in the diabetic subjects compared to the controls. Total glutathione and glutathione peroxidase values showed significant decrease in diabetic subjects as compared to the controls, while superoxide dismutase values showed significant difference between coconut oil consuming groups. Though lipid profile parameters and oxidative stress were high in Type 2 diabetic subjects compared to controls, no pronounced changes for these parameters were observed between the subgroups (coconut oil vs. sunflower oil). © 2009 Association of Clinical Biochemists of India.


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P. Sabitha, Vaidyanathan, K., Vasudevan, D. M., and Kamath, P., “Comparison of lipid profile and antioxidant enzymes among south Indian men consuming coconut oil and sunflower oil”, Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry, vol. 24, pp. 76-81, 2009.