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Energy Procedia, Elsevier Ltd, Volume 117, p.666-673 (2017)



Capacitor voltage balancing, Cell configurations, choppers (circuits), Computer aided engineering, Electric inverters, MATLAB, MATLAB /simulink, Modular multi-level converters, Multicarrier PWM, Multilevel inverter, Multilevel inverter topology, Power control, Power converters, Pulse width modulation, Simulation analysis, Voltage control


<p>Modular multilevel converter (MMC) is a kind of multilevel inverter topology suitable for HVDC and medium voltage applications. These types of converters are designed inorder to mitigate the drawbacks of conventional multilevel inverters like the difficulty of capacitor voltage balancing during higher level of operation, the need for output filters and interfacing transformer. The chopper cell configuration or half bridge cell is the simplest submodule configuration of MMC. In this paper, different Carrier based pulse width modulation techniques for chopper cell based MMC are compared for a lagging power factor load. Simulation analysis has been done using MATLAB/Simulink and the results are verified. © 2017 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd.</p>


cited By 0; Conference of 1st International Conference on Power Engineering Computing and CONtrol, PECCON 2017 ; Conference Date: 2 March 2017 Through 4 March 2017; Conference Code:130810

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M. M. Harin, Vanitha, V., and Jayakumar, M., “Comparison of PWM Techniques for a three level Modular Multilevel Inverter”, in Energy Procedia, 2017, vol. 117, pp. 666-673.