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Journal Article


Shyam Nath


Economic Affairs(April Issue), New Delhi Publishers (1973)



Planned developmental elfort n-itatee enhancing the magnitude of financial re110uroe~~. During the pro- of development, both level· and compoeition of tax revenue undergo coneldtrable change. The p~nt paper propoeea to dillcuu trende in . taxation during the lut decade io fourteen Btatee of Indian Union, mainly · in tenu · of the ' . Level· of tuatlon.1 Tax ratio (T{Y), marginal tax rate (M&T) and the income eluticlty of U.x revenue (E) have been uaed ae indicators of Ute level of tuation

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Shyam Nath, “Comparison of state’s tax ratio, marginal tax rate and income elasticity of taxation”, Economic Affairs(April Issue), 1973.