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Journal Article


International Journal of Herbal Medicine, Volume 6, Issue 2, Part A, p.16-21 (2018)



Preconceptional care can be defined as the care or advice given to a couple planning for a pregnancy well before the time of actual conception. Modern obstetrics forwarded preconceptional care as an extension of antenatal care to provide multidimensional health to both partners and forthcoming child. The antiquity of this concept dates back to time before Christ. Ayurveda is blessed with its unique concepts of pathya and apathya sankalpana. Proper observance of pathya right from the time of rajaswala kala till the garbhadhana kala is the main emphasis in this review. This review will put a light on several wholesome and unwholesome diets, conducts and their mode of action on basis of ayurveda in relation with preconceptional care.

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Aparna S, Anjaly M V, and Hemavathi SK, “Concept of pathya in preconceptional care: A review”, International Journal of Herbal Medicine, vol. 6, no. 2, Part A, pp. 16-21 , 2018.