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Journal Article


Global Journal of Research on Medicinal Plants & Indigenous Medicine (GJRMI), Volume 4, Number 12, p.253–258 (2015)



Pradesa Tantrayukti, Samhita, Tantrayukti


The effort to acquire knowledge is necessary for the growth and development of human culture. Every branch of knowledge in the course of its transmission from generation to generation acquires a unique mode of expression and evolves a specific methodology to explain the concept to the learner. In Ayurveda, a sound knowledge of this methodology i.e. “Tantrayukti” is a desideratum for the exposition of the subject and its understanding. While going through Samhita (ancient ayurvedic classics),it can be found that some points are only implicit or some are mentioned as a pointer and some may even raise doubts in the mind of the scholar. Here lies the importance of Tantrayukti, which are used for the construction of classical texts. One should interpret the Samhita with the help of these Tantrayukti to understand the science in an apparent way. Pradesa Tantrayukti is one among the 40 Tantrayukti explained by different Acharyas. It is widely used by our Acharyas while constructing the Samhita so that they can make it concise and precise. Even in the field of research, we are using the logic of Pradesa Tantrayukti knowingly or unknowingly. This review article highlights the importance of Tantryukti in exploring the Samhitas. Also, the paper stresses the utility of Pradesa Tantrayukti, in understanding the concepts in classical texts and applicability in research.

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M. Chandran, Dr. Haroon Irshad, and Mund, J. Shankar, “Concept of Tantrayukti with Special Emphasis on Pradesa Tantrayukti”, Global Journal of Research on Medicinal Plants & Indigenous Medicine (GJRMI), vol. 4, pp. 253–258, 2015.