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Journal Article


Communication Technologies for Vehicles, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Berlin, Heidelberg (2012)





Modification of railway transportation to railway intelligent transportation system (RITS) will not only compete from other modes of transportation but also increase the efficiency and safety. Speedy development of emerging technologies such as communication and computing, intelligent systems, technological development of railway industries can be effectively integrated over existing infrastructures for Indian Railway (IR) to develop and design RITS. This new generation of railway transportation (RITS) will able to meet the challenges of IR vision 2020 and beyond. The use of RITS architecture encourages structured development and integration of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) that lead to maximization of benefits by minimizing redundancies and maximizing capabilities. This paper discusses a conceptual distributed framework for a multi-layered RITS architecture that can be designed for integrating generated information. The paper main focus is conceptual design of RITS in IR network. It also addresses the design issues and challenges in the IR scenario.

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Dr. Navin Kumar and Kumari, N., “Conceptual Architectural Design of Indian Railway Intelligent Transportation Systems”, Communication Technologies for Vehicles, 2012.