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ETRI Journal, ETRI, Volume 37, Number 4, p.772-779 (2015)



Algorithms, Approximation algorithms, Computer graphics, Conservative approximation, FSBMA, Full search block matching algorithm, Full search block matching algorithms (FSBMA), Hardware, Low Power, Mean of absolute differences, Motion compensation, Motion estimation, Multimedia systems, Quarter common intermediate formats, Shift registers, Systolic array architecture


This paper presents a power-efficient hardware realization for a motion estimation technique that is based on the full-search block matching algorithm (FSBMA). The considered input is the quarter common intermediate format of digital video. The mean of absolute difference (MAD) is the distortion criteria employed for the block matching process. The conventional architecture considered for the hardware realization of FSBMA is that of the shift register-based 2-D systolic array. For this architecture, a conservative approximation technique is adapted to eliminate unnecessary MAD computations involved in the block matching process. Upon introducing the technique to the conventional architecture, the power and complexity of its implantation is reduced, while the accuracy of the motion vector extracted from the block matching process is preserved. The proposed architecture is verified for its functional specifications. A performance evaluation of the proposed architecture is carried out using parameters such as power, area, operating frequency, and efficiency. © 2015 ETRI.


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G. Hegde, Krishna, R. S. Amritha, and Vaya, P., “Conservative approximation-based full-search block matching algorithm architecture for QCIF digital video employing systolic array architecture”, ETRI Journal, vol. 37, pp. 772-779, 2015.