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Journal Article


Asian-European Journal of Mathematics, Volume 4, Number 4, p.653-670 (2011)



biordered sets, equivalence relation, L-strongly unit regular monoids, R-strongly unit regular monoids, regular functor, sandwich sets


In this paper we give a detailed study of R-strongly unit regular monoids. The relations between the biordered set of idempotents and the group of units in unit regular semigroups are better identified here. Conversely, starting from a regular biordered set E and a group G we construct a R-strongly unit regular semigroup S for which the set of idempotents E(S) is isomorphic to E as a biordered set and the group of units G(S) is isomorphic to G. The conditions to be satisfied by G and E are also listed.


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A. R. Rajan and Sreeja, V. K., “CONSTRUCTION OF A R-STRONGLY UNIT REGULAR MONOID FROM A REGULAR BIORDERED SET AND A GROUP”, Asian-European Journal of Mathematics, vol. 4, pp. 653-670, 2011.