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Advances in Autonomous Robotics, Springer, p.117–127 (2012)


<p>This paper deals with the control of a passivity based walking biped robot on a level surface using partial feedback linearization technique. A stable reference trajectory is generated from the Lagrangian dynamics of the biped robot and it is shown that the under actuated robot can follow the stable limit cycle trajectory using a control law based on partial feedback linearization approach. A comparison of the above approach with the conventional feedback linearization technique in terms of the Mean Square Error (MSE) is also carried out. Simulation of the forward walking is done on a compass like model of the biped robot.</p>


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S. Kochuvila, Dr. Shikha Tripathi, and Sudarshan, T. S. B., “Control of a Compass Gait Biped Robot Based on Partial Feedback Linearization”, in Advances in Autonomous Robotics, Springer, 2012, pp. 117–127.