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Electronics Letters, Institution of Engineering and Technology, Volume 51, Number 12, p.939-941 (2015)



Baseline systems, Distance feature, Equal error rate, I vectors, Speaker recognition evaluations, Speaker verification, Speech recognition, State of the art, Support vector machines, Telephone speech


Similarities are used with people known already as a means to enhance speaker verification accuracy. Motivated by this, experimental work has been conducted regarding the use of cosine distance (CD) similarity with respect to a set of reference speakers, CD features, with a back-end support vector machine (CDF-SVM) classifier for speaker verification. A state-of-the-art i-vector with CD scoring (i-CDS) is used as the baseline system for the experiments and for the computation of CD similarity. Experimental results on the telephone speech of the core short2-short3 conditions of NIST 2008 speaker recognition evaluation (SRE), for female, male and both-gender trials, show that the proposed CDF-SVM outperforms the baseline i-CDS system. The CDF-SVM achieved an absolute improvement of 1.16% in equal error rate (EER) and 0.38% in minimum DCF over the baseline i-CDS for female trials. Similar performance improvements were also obtained for the male and all-gender trials of the SRE. Finally, fusing the CDF-SVM with i-CDS gave the best overall performance, an absolute improvement of 4.19% in EER and 1.99% in minimum DCF, over the individual CDF-SVM system performance for the all-gender trials. Similar performance improvements were also achieved for male and female trials. © The Institution of Engineering and Technology 2015.


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K. Ka George, C.Santhosh Kumar, KI Ramachandran, and Panda, Ab, “Cosine distance features for improved speaker verification”, Electronics Letters, vol. 51, pp. 939-941, 2015.