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Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, Springer Verlag, Volume 471, p.381-389 (2018)





Detection accuracy, Detection efficiency, Gold, Golden reference, Hardware, hardware security, Hardware Trojan detection, Infrared imaging, Initial weights, Malicious activities, malware, Microelectronics, Pre-processing, Voting algorithm


Several methodologies aim at tackling the issue of Hardware Trojans through the help of a “Golden Reference”, which is not always available; thereby arises the need for an efficient method without a Golden Reference. This work involves the detection of Hardware Trojan in a circuit using an improved voting algorithm employing CRC. Two modifications to a conventional voting algorithm are proposed in this chapter along with CRC to improve the detection efficiency. This logic-based detection procedure avoids the requirements of complex pre-processing procedures like segmentation, fingerprinting, thermal imaging, etc., The following proposed modifications (i) incapacitates the bias toward 1s and incorporating CRC for comparison of bit streams and (ii) equal weight of 1 is given as initial weight to all CUTs, which gives better results in voting algorithm. Detection accuracy is found to be around 95.27% based on the detailed analysis with infected and non-infected ISCAS’85 and ISCAS’89 circuits.


cited By 0; Conference of International Conference on Microelectronics, Electromagnetics and Telecommunications, ICMEET 2017 ; Conference Date: 9 September 2017 Through 10 September 2017; Conference Code:210189

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N Mohankumar, Dr. Jayakumar M., and M. Devi, N., “CRC-Based Hardware Trojan Detection for Improved Hardware Security”, Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, vol. 471, pp. 381-389, 2018.