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Journal Article


Biochemical Archieves, Volume 8, p.335-338 (1992)



The effect of adriamycin(ADR) chemotherapy on cratinine phosphokinase (CPK) and pathological lesions in heart was studied with Balb/c mice. WR-1065 was used as a chemoprotector against the cardiotoxicity of ADR. CPK levels were measured at different intervals and the heart of treated animals were analyzed for pathological changes. The results indicate that there is a significant relationship between the CPK levels and pathological lesions. WR-1065 could reduce tge cardiotoxicity induced by ADR, without altering its antineoplastic activity

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Dr. Damodaran Vasudevan, “Creatine Kinase and Cardiotoxicity in Adriamycin Chemotherapy and its Modification by WR-1065”, Biochemical Archieves, vol. 8, pp. 335-338, 1992.