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Conference Paper


International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology, ICACT, Gangwon-Do, p.807-811 (2011)





Arithmetic Coding, Bit planes, Cryptography, Digital arithmetic, Digital Image Watermarking, Digital watermarking, Discrete wavelet transforms, DWT, Hamming code, Image coding, Innovation


Data encryption is vital for e-commerce. Here we introduce a technique for hiding sensitive credit card information in an arbitrary background image without the sensitive data getting exposed in public domains. The paper also makes an attempt to combine Cryptographic and Steganographic technique to provide a reliable security solution for credit card transactions. The proposed technique utilizes a cryptographic code and Arithmetic Coding technique to hide data inside a cover image and then transmit it to the destination over the web network. The paper also provides an additional layer for enhanced security via the use of Hamming Code. A detailed study is made to compare our technique with other prominent techniques like DCT and DWT. © 2011 Global IT Research Inst.


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Sa Hariharan, Kumar, V. Na, and Rochan, Mb, “CREDI-crypt: An improvised anti-counterfeiting technique for credit card transaction system”, in International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology, ICACT, Gangwon-Do, 2011, pp. 807-811.