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Journal Article


Indian Journal of Science and Technology, Volume 9, Issue 30 (2016)


Objectives: Task execution under common resource sharing is challenging and finding an optimal solution which ensures minimum blocking time for critical tasks and assuring time constraints is a demanding research problem. In this paper, a new protocol that controls the access to shared resources, with minimum context switches that guarantee task deadlines are presented. Methods: The proposed algorithm: Critical Section aware Immediate Ceiling Priority Protocol (CS_aware ICPP) is further integrated with Dynamic Frequency Scaling (DFS) technique to safeguard all task instances which may miss future deadlines. An extensive simulation analysis is carried out to compare the performance of the proposed algorithm with other existing synchronizing algorithms in the field. Findings: Critical sections are important because it may lead to future blocking of a high priority critical task. Applications/Improvement: From the simulation results, it is found that the proposed: CS_aware ICPP algorithm outperforms the other existing algorithms in terms of reduced context switches.

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R. Manigandan and Dr. Anju Pillai S., “Critical Section aware Immediate Ceiling Priority Protocol with Dynamic Frequency Scaling”, Indian Journal of Science and Technology, vol. 9, no. 30, 2016.