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International Journal of Applied Pharmaceutics, Innovare Academics Sciences Pvt. Ltd, Volume 11, Number 1, p.7-13 (2019)



cholesterol, cryptosome, detergent, distearoylphosphatidylcholine, distearoylphosphatidylethanolamine, doxorubicin, drug bioavailability, drug carrier, drug delivery system, drug elimination, drug metabolism, drug stability, encapsulation, evaporation, fatty acid, glycolipid, liposome, macrogol, phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphatidylglycerol, phosphatidylinositol, phosphatidylserine, phospholipid, poloxamer, review, sphingolipid, sustained release formulation, ultrasound, unclassified drug


<p>The vesicular drug delivery systems are promising approaches to overthrown the problems of drugs having lesser bioavailability and rapid elimination from the body. The four type of lipid based drug delivery systems are: solid-lipid particulate system, emulsion based system, solid lipid tablet and vesicular system. Cryptosomes, a novel emerging vesicular drug delivery system which can overcome the disadvantages associated with conventional drug delivery systems like high stability, increased bioavailability, sustained release, decreased elimination of rapidly metabolizable drugs etc. The word Cryptosome was orginated from Greek word ‘’Crypto’’ means hidden and ‘’Soma’’ means body. It is formed from the mixture of phospholipids like distearoyl phosphatidyl ethanolamine-polyethylene glycol (DSPE-PEG) with distearoylphosphatidylcholine. These entire information regarding its origin and formation is explained in Dinesh Kumar et al. Vesicular systems symbolizes the use of vesicles in the different fields as carrier system or additives. This review disclose various vesicular drug delivery system and point out the advancement of cryptosome in the world of drug delivery. This review would help researchers involved in the field of vesicular drug delivery. © 2019 The Authors.</p>


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Aiswarya M. U., Keerthana Raju, Revathy B. Menon, Lakshmi V. S., and Sreeja C. Nair, “Cryptosomes: A revolutionary breakthrough in novel drug delivery”, International Journal of Applied Pharmaceutics, vol. 11, pp. 7-13, 2019.