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Journal Article


Nanoscale, The Royal Society of Chemistry, Volume 4, p.3875-3878 (2012)



Photocorrosion{,} that causes rapid deactivation of Cu2O photocatalysts{,} was addressed by incorporating this oxide in a composite with reduced graphene oxide which acts as an electron acceptor to extract photogenerated electrons from Cu2O. Cu2O-rGO composite engineering also allows enhancing significantly photocatalytic activities of Cu2O for H2 generation.

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P. D. Tran, Batabyal Sudip Kumar, Pramana, S. S., Barber, J., Wong, L. H., and Loo, S. Chye Joach, “A cuprous oxide–reduced graphene oxide (Cu 2 O–rGO) composite photocatalyst for hydrogen generation: employing rGO as an electron acceptor to enhance the photocatalytic activity and stability of Cu 2 O”, Nanoscale, vol. 4, pp. 3875-3878, 2012.