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Journal Article


Pillay V. V.


Journal of Association of Physicians of India, Volume 56, Number NOV., p.881-892 (2008)



antidote, Antidotes, classification, human, Humans, intoxication, Overdose, Poisoning, review


While it is an acknowledged dictum that in poisoning or overdose cases, the emphasis must be on general management comprising supportive measures than the use of specific antidotes in the vast majority of cases, it is nevertheless true that there are some instances where the timely use of a specific antidote or antagonist will dramatically reverse or at least halt the progression of toxicity. For this reason, and also because the indications and the exact manner in which antidotes must be used could be controversial or unfamiliar to the physician, an attempt has been made to review the current concepts on antidotal therapy of poisoning. There is enough evidence that the proper use of specific antidotes when combined with general supportive care does reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with severe poisonings. Common antidotes used in a hospital setting have been discussed in some detail.


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Pillay V. V., “Current views on antidotal therapy in managing cases of poisoning and overdose”, Journal of Association of Physicians of India, vol. 56, pp. 881-892, 2008.