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Journal Article


Advances in Biological Research, Volume 9, Number 3, p.133–139 (2015)



Marine Cone Snail Primary Culture Secretory Cells Venom Duct Cytotoxicity


Bioweapon synthesis through animal cell culture technique is gaining significant interest for the
development of new drugs related to human diseases. Marine cone snail’s venom is a potential source of unique bioactive neurotoxic peptides which can be utilized for treating cancer. Here, we describe establishment of primary culture of venom duct epithelial cells from Conusbiliosusand demonstrate that secretory cells of venom duct can be potential in vitro source for venom production. The venom duct cells remained in suspension in the primary culture with no signs of adhesion and continued slow but sustained proliferation.Cytotoxic effects of culture supernatant on HEK 293T cells showed inhibitory effect on cell growth providing probable evidence for cono-peptides production.

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M. Viswanathan, Arularasan, S., Patel, A. K., M Shekar, C., Nathani, N. M., Shah, R. K., Rank, D. N., Joshi, C. G., and Balasubramanian, T., “Cytotoxic Effect of Venom Produced in Vitro from Primary Culture of Conusbiliosus Venom Duct Cells on HEK 293t Cells”, Advances in Biological Research, vol. 9, pp. 133–139, 2015.