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Journal of Fluorine Chemistry, Volume 135, p.339-343 (2012)



Flexible four armed polypropylenimine tetraamine dendrimer (DAB-Am-4) core linked through urea moieties to a chromophore (aza group) gave rise to the colorimetric sensor 1 for fluoride ions, and a fluorophore (naphthyl group) attached to a similar assembly resulted in 2 which showed an excellent association constant with pyrophosphate anions. © 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.


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Ma Khandelwal, Hwang, I. - Cb, and Nair, P. C. Rc, “DAB-Am-4 based colorimetric receptors for fluoride and pyrophosphate anions”, Journal of Fluorine Chemistry, vol. 135, pp. 339-343, 2012.