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Proceedings - IEEE 8th International Conference on Technology for Education, T4E 2016, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., p.100-105 (2017)





Curricula, Decoding, Education computing, Learner Engagement, Learning and understanding, Learning Style, Learning systems, Life long learning, Massive open online course, Multi dimensional, Statistical tests, Structural equation modeling, Student engagement


Building on existing works that hold 'learner engagement' central to learning, this paper seeks to decode the constituents of student engagement in MOOC learning. Specifically we model the impact of preference for learning styles and the different motivations to learn on learner engagement in MOOCs. We propose that an inclination to learn new things, lifelong learning attributes and paying for a course will positively impact engagement. Treating learner engagement in MOOCs as a 'latent construct', we employ a Structural Equation Model (SEM) on a dataset of Indian MOOC learners to test our hypothesis. Our analysis shows that learners who indicate love for learning as a reason for learning are more engaged in MOOCs. The results also indicate that those learners who are comfortable with learning and understanding new things are more engaged in MOOCs. Learners who prefer learning by themselves show lesser engagement in MOOC learning. We have argued in this paper that the current discussion on learning outcomes in MOOCs is unidimensional in its focus on MOOC success as a 0-1 activity centered on completion. Learning is a multi-dimensional activity and in order to take our current understanding of MOOCs forward, it is important to consider broader aspects of learning and its outcomes. Measuring engagement and the factors that lead to engagement were a first step towards a developing a more holistic understanding of MOOC based learning. The results from this study - one of the first to focus on learner engagement in MOOCs - are encouraging as it proposes an alternate way to look at success in MOOCs. © 2016 IEEE.


cited By 0; Conference of 8th IEEE International Conference on Technology for Education, T4E 2016 ; Conference Date: 2 December 2016 Through 4 December 2016; Conference Code:125986

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Anitha Kaveri, Dr. Sangeetha G, Dr. Deepak Gupta, and Maheshwar Pratap, “Decoding Engagement in MOOCs: An Indian Learner Perspective”, Proceedings - IEEE 8th International Conference on Technology for Education, T4E 2016. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., pp. 100-105, 2017.