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Journal Article


Journal of the Korean Physical Society, The Korean Physical Society, Volume 60, Number 1, p.47–50 (2012)



One-dimensional (1D) single crystalline tellurium (Te) micro- and nanostructures were successfully prepared using thermal evaporation with a metallic Te powder. We found that the morphologies of the Te structures evolved from microrods to nanorods and finally tubular nanostructures with increasing growth temperatures of 500, 600, and 700 °C. Our results strongly suggest that the growth temperature, which highly depends on the formation of a two-dimensional (2D) Te microcrystal layer on the substrate, plays an important role in determining the surface morphology and the crystal orientation of the Te micro- and nanostructures.

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J. - H. Hyung, Kim, G. - S., Rai, A. Kumar, Jang, C. - O., Lee, C. - Y., Khurelbaatar, Z., Acharya, S. Kumar, and Lee, S. - K., “Dependence of the morphology evolution and crystal orientation of tellurium (Te) micro-and nanostructures on the growth temperature”, Journal of the Korean Physical Society, vol. 60, pp. 47–50, 2012.