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Optik, Elsevier GmbH (2015)



Alpha alumina, Alumina, Chemical bath deposition technique, Chemical-bath deposition, Crystallinities, Deposition, Energy gap, Glass substrates, Optical films, Oxygen vacancies, Photoluminescence spectroscopy, Photoluminescence spectrum, scanning electron microscopy, Substrates, Thin films, Ultraviolet visible spectroscopy, UV visible spectroscopy, X ray diffraction, XRD


Alpha alumina thin film has been deposited on glass substrate by simple chemical bath deposition technique at 60. °C. The structure and the crystallinity of the alpha alumina thin film were determined by X-ray diffraction and the grain size calculated from X-ray diffraction was 85. nm. The optical band gap of the film measured from UV-visible spectroscopy was 4.5. eV. The surface morphology of the film was traced by scanning electron microscopy and photoluminescence spectrum of the film shows that the presence of oxygen vacancies. © 2015 Elsevier GmbH.


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Pa Kathirvel, Chandrasekaran, Jb, Manoharan, Db, and Kumar, Sc, “Deposition and characterization of alpha alumina thin films prepared by chemical bath deposition”, Optik, 2015.