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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, Springer Verlag, Volume 696, p.225-236 (2018)





Authentication, Cryptography, decision making, En-route filtering, Energy utilization, False data injection, False data injection attacks, High energy consumption, Intrusion detection, Mission critical applications, Network based applications, Network security, Network Simulator2 (NS2), Network simulators, Remote patient monitoring, Sensor nodes, Wireless sensor networks


<p>Wireless sensor networks are largely used in mission-critical applications such as border surveillance, intrusion detection, remote patient monitoring. These applications demand the data to be secured while processing as well as communicating. Data security during the processing phase is a largely researched area, and there exists enough number of techniques to achieve it. On the other hand, techniques to achieve data security during communication phase even though exist in multiple numbers, most of the techniques demand high processing capacity. This requirement leads to high energy consumption which is a challenge in the context of wireless sensor networks. So a technique which will provide data security during communication phase in a wireless sensor network-based application with minimal energy consumption will be a very good solution. The proposed scheme is to prevent false data injection in which malicious or compromised nodes inject false data into the WSN which will influence the decision making of the system. The proposed system provides an enhanced security scheme for preventing false data injection attack in WSN with an efficient reactive routing method. The proposed system addresses two parameters: authenticity of the nodes and the integrity of the data. The proposed system is simulated using Network Simulator 2 (NS2), and the results indicate that the scheme performs better than the existing schemes which provide either integrity of data or authentication of the sender. © Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2018.</p>


cited By 0; Conference of International Conference on Recent Advancement in Computer, Communication and Computational Sciences, RACCCS 2016 ; Conference Date: 2 September 2017 Through 3 September 2017; Conference Code:212189

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B. Sreevidya, Rajesh M, and Mamatha, T. M., “Design and development of an enhanced security scheme using RSA for preventing false data injection in wireless sensor networks”, in Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol. 696, , Ed. Springer Verlag, 2018, pp. 225-236.