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International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Research India Publications, Volume 10, Number 10, p.24893-24904 (2015)



<p>A Rice harvesting machine is designed and prototyped with a prime objective of making it affordable to small farmers. It is designed to reap two rows of rice crop at a time powered by an AC motor which in turn helps cutting and crop pushing away from the cutter. Three phase AC induction motor with the power of 0.5 HP is used. The time taken to reap one hectare area of paddy is around 6 hours. This is an alternative to the existing fully fledged rice harvester and is expected to be available in every farmer’s house. The focus is on simplicity and low cost in machinery, and independent of manpower availability. This paper brings out the design, development and analysis of a rice harvesting product by making it affordable for poor and small time farmers. © Research India Publications.</p>


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M. Elangovan, Muralidharan, K., K.A. Pradeep Kumar, and Sridhar, G., “Design and development of low-cost rice harvesting machine”, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, vol. 10, pp. 24893-24904, 2015.