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Conference Proceedings


Computational Systems and Communications (ICCSC), IEEE, Trivandrum, p.311-316 (2014)



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Antenna phased arrays, antenna radiation patterns, dipole antenna arrays, log periodic antennas, Microstrip antennas, printed circuits, radar antennas, UHF antennas


RADAR systems that use a phased array and an electronically scanned array of antennas are extensively used in terrestrial applications on account of their vastly improved directive gain over single-element antennas. The effective beam pattern in such cases is a combination of the elemental pattern and the array factor. In this paper, the design and evaluation of a printed log-periodic dipole antenna, that operates in the L-band, is being discussed. The antenna was fabricated on an FR-4 substrate using printed circuit technology; tested and characterized in terms of its S-parameters, return loss, and insertion loss. The radiation pattern in the azimuth and elevation planes has also been determined. The antenna is found to have a directive pattern, and is linearly polarized with a wide bandwidth. The antenna is being designed for use in the front-end of a RADAR system for terrestrial surveillance applications such as landslide detection, and monitoring the productivity of metallicore mines.

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J. Rajendran and Dr. Shanmugha Sundaram G. A., “Design and Evaluation of Printed Log Periodic Dipole Antenna for an L-band Electrically Steerable Array System”, Computational Systems and Communications (ICCSC). IEEE, Trivandrum, pp. 311-316, 2014.