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Conference Proceedings


Embedded Systems (ICES), 2014 International Conference on, IEEE (2014)


The paper focuses on design and fabrication of a hexapod robot that is capable of performing primary tasks such as walking forward, backward, turning right and left, rotating about its position by 180° and traversing on uneven surfaces. The six legged design gives it an added advantage over wheeled robots in terms of stability and flexibility. Each limb is structured to have three degrees of freedom. This robot will serve as a platform onto which additional sensory components can be added for surveillance and autonomous navigation on rugged surfaces. This paper discusses in detail the hardware design of the structure, selection of all parts and components used and software design controlling all activities including the walking style of the robot and balancing on uneven surfaces.

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A. Krishna, Nandanan, K., Kumar, S. S. Pradeep, Srihari, K. S., and Sivraj, P., “Design and fabrication of a hexapod robot”, Embedded Systems (ICES), 2014 International Conference on. IEEE, 2014.