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Journal Article


International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication, Volume 8, Issue 5, p.2534-2539 (2019)



Bingham plastic Model, Bouc-Wen model, Magneto-rheological disc Brake, Smart materials.


In this paper, an optimized design for hatchback segment of commercial vehicle is considered to find the optimum dimensions for the MR brake, with the help of optimization tools and existing conventional dimensions. An axisymmetric model is generated using COMSOL based on the dimensions available in the existing literature and braking torque is calculated using Bingham plastic model. It is a coupled system i.e. Electric field – Magnetic field – Mechanical action. Initially the existing design from literature survey is taken as base model for the MR brake and the design is changed according to the dimensions found on the basis of the conventional dimensions of disc brake accessible in the existing hatch-back segment car. After finalizing the dimensions and MR fluid the four new design model for disc are considered for simulations. The brake are used several time during the dynamic condition so as to test the reliability of the Magneto-Rheological brake, the hysteresis analysis is also needed to be carried out by simulating it in a dynamic environment. For hysteresis analysis MATLAB Simulink is used for simulating the brake in dynamic condition with the help of Bouc-Wen Model. The main aim is to achieve a braking torque of MR brake near to the existing braking system of the vehicle. © BEIESP.

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A. M. Khedkar and N. Tamilarasan, “Design and hysteresis behavior of magneto-rheological disc brake for hatchback segment commercial car”, International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology, vol. 8, no. 5, pp. 2534-2539, 2019.