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Journal Article


Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research 23 (Sensing, Signal Processing and Security), IDOSI Publications, p.239-242 (2015)



COMSOL, Coriolis Mass Flow Meter, Resonant frequency, Structural analysis


A Coriolis flow meter is the only direct mass flow meter available. Its principle depends on the Coriolis effect; it is a deflection of moving objects when they are viewed in a rotating reference frame. In this paper, we propose U-tube type of Coriolis flow meter. The design and simulation of Coriolis flow meter in both meso
and micro level and the eigen frequency response of both is compared. Simulation is done by using FEA CAD tool, COMSOL. Length of the two side arm of the tube is 50 µm, distance of separation of the two arms is 80 µm, outer and inner diameter of the tube 2 µm and 1.6 µm respectively. In the model builder the material silicon is chosen among the pre-defined materials in the library to fix to the entire geometry of Coriolis flow meter. Water is chosen as the fluid. A fine tetrahedral mesh is done for the analysis of this model. In solid mechanics the fixed constraint, edge fixing is done by selecting the needed boundary. The two arms of the
U-tube are fixed to vibrate along the fixed boundary. The Eigen frequency analysis is done for the model after fixing the desired number of Eigen frequencies. The resonant frequencies of micro and meso Coriolis mass flow meter are compared. As the mass of Coriolis flow meter reduces, the resonant frequency increases

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R. M. Saravanan, Raj, C. W., and Shanmugavalli M., “Design and Simulation of Coriolis Flow Tube in Meso and Micro Level to Determine Its Resonant Frequency”, Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research 23 (Sensing, Signal Processing and Security), pp. 239-242, 2015.